WI-FI User Guide

1. Make sure that  WIFI is set to ON  and you should  then get a list of all  available WiFi  networks in your  area.
2. Touch the WIFI 
 network and  entering WIFI  Password, 
connection should then be established after a few second.

3. Once connected you may be redirect to our  Hotspot Login Page.
4. You then need to Accept Our User Agreement, and touch the FREE WIFI Button or entering WIFI Access Code and touch the LOGIN Button. 

5. If some device can’t redirect to our login page, user can Scan our QR Code
or entering on internet browser Address Bar 
(  like :- Safari, Chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera… ) 

Pict 1

Pict 2

Pict 3

6. Once you have Success log in to our hotspot, Your Device Will Show a Success Login Page. EXP : PICT 4

7. After a few second you may be redirect to our client Web page, Then you will be free to browse the web at your leisure.

Pict 4

Pict 5

Adroid Device
If you are having problems connecting, but your network seems ok there a few  things to try.
1.      Whilst your browser is open, press Menu button -> Setting -> Privacy & Security
·         clear cookies and ensure the ‘Accept cookies’ is checked.
If that doesn’t work
2.      Menu button – Setting -> Advanced
·         ‘Block pop-ups’ may need to be un-checked if you are having trouble seeing how much time you have left after you have bought time or logged in.

Apple Device
Cannot activate login button or Safari refuses to continue after input of text in dialogue boxes.
1.  Close Safari and go to the iPad ‘Settings’ icon
2.  Scroll down to find the Safari settings
3.  Click on AutoFill if it is turned on
4.  Turn off “Use my contact info”
5.  Turn off “Names and Passwords”
6.  Cleared all names and password
7.  Close settings by pressing the Apple Function Button
Accept Cookies should be set to Always and JavaScript can be set to ‘On’ if connecting problems still occur.

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